A Layer of Warmth

My living room becomes the perfect place for hot cocoa, a board game or entertaining with an extra ivy-print throw, leopard pillow and roaring fire.

When we dress to venture outside during the winter, it’s all about layering – a cotton t-shirt under a wool sweater under a down jacket, paired with all the accessories – hats, gloves, scarves and, if it’s cold enough, maybe even a pair of  silk long johns under your jeans.  Layering gives us the flexibility to add on for extra warmth, or be more comfortable once we’ve made it into the office or back home.

 Layering inside during these winter months can also make our homeswarmer, more inviting and even gives us the flexibility our winter clothes can.  Here are some ideas to make your home even cozier than usual.  Even if you live where the frigid fingers of winter don’t reach – adding a light winter layer in cottons, light fabrics and bright colors offers a visually exciting seasonal change and makes stripping back the layers in spring even more satisfying – so these ideas are for you too!

  • Take out your throws and put them on the arms of your sofas, the back of a chair, the bottom of a bed or over an ottoman.  Richly textured and colorful woolen throws or luscious chenille are perfect for the winter months and add a great sense of style to a room.
  • Add extra pillows and cushions – especially in your TV room.  An easily grabbed pillow makes the floor a perfect place to watch a movie and eat popcorn, or set up a game of Scrabble on the coffee table.  You can even add small pillows on the backs of your dining room chairs for extra back support!
  • Lay down some area rugs – even if you already have wall-to-wall carpeting.  Adding an area rug is a great way to define an area like a reading corner, coffee table or entryway.  Go for bold colors and intricate patterns if you have neutral sisal or other low pile rugs already down.  To prevent bunching and sliding, use a rug pad underneath.
  • -To add warmth to a table, drape it with a patterned quilt or rug – like a kilim or silk oriental.  Use lamps, books, framed pictures and candles to create a cozy vignette.
  • For your throws, rugs, pillows, etc don’t be afraid to mix patterns.  This is the time to be creative and adventurous – use paisleys, Indian florals, chintzes, toils, crewel ware and embroidery – whatever you like best and appeals to you!

 Enjoy the winter outdoors whether you’re sledding, ice skating, skiing or having a snowball fight, but be sure that the house you and your family come home too is layered, cozy and warm – ready for the winter weather sure to be coming our way.

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