A Splash of Color after that White Christmas


Winter is the perfect time to test out adventurous decor - whether exotic animal prints or deep reds, blues, greens, & golds, these colors and patterns are sure to cure your winter blues.

Our holidays that just passed were a time of celebrations and bright colors.  During the first few weeks of winter, many hang their brightly colored lights and break out festive flatware with pride. Once the holidays are over, however, we often lose a lot of these bright and cheery colors, at a time when many of us (especially here in the north east!) need them most.

 Too often during the winter the view outside in our northeast is shrouded in fog, with muddy brown-grey lawns and bare trees under a gray sky.  If that’s what you see when you look outside – it’s the perfect time to put some color inside your home.  Sometimes, we’re all afraid to add those splashes of color indoors.  I’ve had a number of people tell me that they’d like to paint their family room apple green or their bathroom a deep red, but something seems to always hold them back – whether it’s a skeptical family, a fear of mis-matched fabric, or the feeling the new shade may quickly lose its appeal.  I’ve been there too, so here are some of my tips and tricks to getting used to some new and vibrant colors.

  •  Your windows are a perfect place to give colors a try in any room.  When I re-did my kitchen a few years back, I experimented by draping my multi-hued, paprika colored paisley fabrics around the windows.  These impromptu valances added richness and a depth that inspired me to continue with earthy, strong colors throughout the room as the decorating project continued.
  • There are lots of colorful options in your bedroom, specifically on your bed.  Duvet covers, sheets, blankets, shams and pillow cases all come in a variety of colors and patterns that will instantly transform the entire room.  You and your partner may fall in love with the new color choices and want to spread it to your walls and accessories! Give it a try!
  • Creating a powerful powder room can really be so simple – hang some colorful hand towels by the sink, or have a basket of  bright wash cloths by the tub.  A variety of soaps or perfume bottles on the counters can also add variety to a monochromatic bathroom.  This is also the perfect room to test out a new paint color you’ve been thinking about for another room.  Not what you expected? Tire of the paint job quickly? You can avoid spending the time and effort painting a larger space by testing it in your powder room, or behind a hanging print or mirror.

A bit of help to get over your color-phobia, start small to comfortably commit to splashes of hues and paints that will transform and otherwise ‘blah’ space. If your home feels drab in those post-holiday winter months, dare to do something about it. You’ll enjoy and, hopefully, love it!

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