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Room of the Week – A Fragrant Escape

Writing my book ‘Getaways’ affirmed for me what I’ve always known – a getaway does not always need to be a journey to a beach house or weekend home in the country. For many of us, myself included, it can be a room in our home or a shade covered corner in a garden. For one woman whom I met, this antique-filled & charming bathroom had all the elements and accoutrements required for sanctuary and retreat. “In this room I feel as though I’m a guest in my own home,” she told me. And that’s the feeling we all need when we need a break – even if just for a half hour in the bath.

You can occasionally find old-fashioned footed-tubs like this one, which could have been inspired from a French chateau. Stacks of plush cotton towels share shelf-space with French apothecary jars. The mirror, with it’s original sea-foam paint, reflects an old linen press. Photo © Jennifer Levy

A romantic and aromatic still life for the bath – bathing salts, scented candle, roses & French fragrance. Photo © Jennifer Levy

On the inlaid dressing table, treasures include an English porcelain milk jug, French crystal perfume bottles, and a favorite recipe for candied yams. Photo © Jennifer Levy


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