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Traveling and design go hand in hand. Who can resist buying a rug when visiting Turkey, or see Paris and not be curious about the Marche aux Puces, the famous flea markets?  Who has visited Mexico and not returned with some pottery, tile or a beautiful silver ornament?


Not traveling internationally? Another state, or another county, or another town can offer a myriad of new opportunities to find a unique item.  I never fail to visit a particular ceramic studio each time I go to Maine and select a new mug or bowl for my collection.  I love antique stores in Vermont, the open fields of flea markets in Connecticut and Massachusetts, the boutiques in Florida, and no visit to Los Angeles is complete without visiting my friend, Lynn von Kersting in her shop, Indigo Seas.  If you don’t get to Morocco, Capri or Vietnam this year, check out her shop.  She travels every year and brings back treasures to fill her store. I’ve been lucky enough to do some traveling and here are some of my favorite finds.

I found these beautiful old plates in Istanbul quite a while ago, and have kept them with me ever since. When re-doing my kitchen recently with designer Debbie Brenner, she picked out this incredible sea-like mosaic for the back-splash, and even incorporated those great colorful plates!

A trip to New Orleans and its historic city museum many years ago is where I discovered this oval be-ribboned gilt-wood mirror. I found the mirrored dressing table on the curb in the streets of New York City. Photo © Nancy E. Hill

When I visited the Caribbean with my sister, I found this hand-made plaque at a small shop by the beach. I’m a devoted practicer of yoga, and Namaste is such an important and calming word in my daily routine. I had to buy this!

No trip to Los Angeles California is complete without stopping at Indigo Seas – an incredible shop filled with one-of-a-kind treasures, owned by my dear friend Lynn von Kersting. Don’t miss her restaurant either – it’s right next door – The Ivy! She owns a bakery – Dolce Isola – not far from The Ivy & another restaurant in Santa Monica – The Ivy at the Shore – also incredible.

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