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The Late & Talented Beatrice Wood

When I wrote ‘A Room of Her Own’ a book about women and their personal spaces, I was fortunate enough to visit Beatrice Wood, who was 104 years old and still working in her studio every day. An incredibly gifted potter, Wood’s contribution to the world of art was acknowledged by the Governor of California, and the Smithsonian Institution where some of her pieces are on display to this day. An inspiration to us all!

Spirited artist & as she was dubbed the ‘Mama of Dada’ (an artistic movement post-World War One) Beatrice Wood. Photo (C) William Gray Harris.

When I traveled to Ojai, CA with photographer Jennifer Levy, this was the table setting that greeted us. All hand-made by Beatrice herself, with rose petals she scattered about. Anais Nin once said: ‘to drink water from a goblet by Beatrice Wood changes it to wine.’

Three shimmering lusterware bottles created by Wood in the 1960s. Photo © Jennifer Levy

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