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Anna Strasberg

In the living room of a beautiful and comfortable apartment overlooking Central Park in New York City, Anna Strasberg finds time for her own privacy amid her breathtaking collection of theater and film memorabilia. Anna, an actress and the widow of the legendary Lee Strasberg (founder of the New York Actor’s Studio), has carried on her husband’s work at the Lee Strasberg Institutes in New York and in Los Angeles. An accomplished actress herself, she has filled her living room with photographs, playbills, art work and other objects and has created a space with its own unique ambience. “This room is very important to our friends and family,” Anna told me, “it is a portrait of Lee’s mind. I would change it in a minute if it ever became maudlin, but its aliveness makes it special for all who come here.” It was a special experience for me as well – one that I continue to be grateful for.

A library ladder becomes a museum to theater greatness. A black-and-white photo of Lee Strasberg is on the lower rung. Photo © Jennifer Levy

Anna Strasberg relaxes in her living room, surrounded by special memories. Photo © Jennifer Levy

From the entrance, a view of the book-lined room with its theatrical treasures, including a crown once worn by Sir Laurence Olivier, Marilyn Monroe’s beloved piano, and numerous awards of Lee Strasberg’s. Photo (C) Jennifer Levy

A montage of theater memorabilia overflows around the fireplace. Photo © Jennifer Levy

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