Dining Around the House

Even your bathroom should be open to tasting - I love a glass of wine or tea in the tub or a quick breakfast at the vanity.

       Let’s face it – our homes should be our havens – it’s my mantra and a concept I have been sharing with women for years.  With the cold weather coming, along with holiday meals and parties, this is certainly the right time to think about how to make the most out of our homes – for both hosting a Thanksgiving meal and especially relaxing afterwards! One of the best ways I’ve found to make your home a haven is to have each and every room appeal to your five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

            We all immediately know how to include the first four senses into every room but, how, many ask, do you get the sense of taste into a room? If this were Willy Wonka, we could all hang edible wallpaper, but the answer is much simpler than that.  Incorporate taste by allowing the pleasures of eating and drinking to occur anywhere in your home – from the front porch to the edge of your bathtub.  No area should be off limits!

            I have tables and trays throughout our house in all sizes, and eating in each room provides a different dining experience.  In the summer, we eat outside as much as possible – whether it’s just Kevin and me under our arbor, a staff lunch on the back patio, or a party by the pool.  This time of year, of course, we dine almost exclusively indoors – sometimes at our kitchen breakfast nook, at our formal dining room table if there’s company, or our smaller informal one if it’s just us.  When we have time, I love lighting a fire in the living room and eating right on our coffee table.  If there’s a great movie or big game on, I’ll set up trays in the TV room and have a front row seat.  In the bathroom, my tub is just wide enough to fit a cup of tea or glass of wine during a relaxing soak, and if I’m in a rush I’ll have my coffee and breakfast in front of my vanity while I’m getting ready to tackle the day.  And it doesn’t always have to be a full meal – you can put a bowl of fruit, candy, mints or nuts in any room for an extra snack!

            With Thanksgiving tomorrow and then the winter holidays, it’s good to think about your dining and seating options and know that you don’t need a large dining room and a banquette table to accommodate all your guests! Spread out and enjoy dining throughout your home – treating your friends and family to every special room.  Then let them indulge their five senses – the aroma and taste of the wonderful food, the great views, the feeling of warm bread and crisp linen, and soft candlelight that casts a glow over the whole scene.

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