How to Hang a Picture

I love black and white photos - take a look at the view over my tub!

Before you hang a picture, take a moment to consider the room where it will be hung.  You don’t want the art to take over the room, but you also don’t want it to be so understated that it’s never noticed.  A picture and frame that work perfectly in a small room might get lost in a large, more open space.  In long, narrow spaces like hallways, consider hanging similarly framed pictures all along the length.  The repetition of the frames helps to connect one end of the hallway to the other.  Using similar or the same frame is a great way to unify varied images.

One way to get the greatest impact from your pictures is to cluster a large group together, especially if they are related in theme, color or style.  On the other hand, a large horizontal picture placed over a sofa can work well alone since it is given definition by the boundaries of the furniture.  Try to keep the pictures at eye level, and be sure to keep the lighting in mind! Low-glare glass is a good way to make sure your art is always visible, but be sure to avoid hanging opposite a window, since direct sunlight can damage your art.

Be creative in matching up images and frames.  A black and white photograph blown up to poster size needs only the simplest frame, but a tiny painting, such as one I have by artist Lucinda O’Connell, can be made into something extraordinary by using an ornate gold frame.

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