Making Your Guests Feel at Home

Our guest room, formerly my son's room. I drew inspiration from Monet's Giverny garden outside of Paris.

I think summer is the perfect time to have guests at our house.  My husband Kevin always does the barbequing – a nice, easy meal of fish or meat with vegetables on the side.  We’re also lucky to have a pool which becomes a magnet for everyone during these hot summer days.

          Before our guests arrive, I make sure that they are going to be comfortable in our guest room.  The three factors that are most important for any visit are: comfort, privacy, and ease.  Here are some of my ways to make sure guests will enjoy their stay:

  • Be sure to have the basics – tissue, soap, shampoo, a hair dryer, toothpaste and extra toothbrushes – stocked and accessible in the guest bathroom or bedroom.
  • Show your guests around the kitchen – make sure they can get a midnight snack if they want or can make coffee if they get up early!
  • Always have extra blankets and towels in your guest room for easy access
  • If you have the space, a pile of the latest bestsellers and magazines near a comfortable chair and reading lamp create an instant cozy corner
  • And, if possible, how about a TV, CD player (with some good tunes!) or even a computer or laptop for your guests.
  •  Try to have some storage available in a closet or drawer. Include new hangers and a lint brush.
  • I try to incorporate all 5 senses into every room – sight, scent, sound, touch and taste – so think about having some sweet-smelling candles or a bowl of fruit and a few bottles of water in your guest space.

When preparing for a guest, think about the things that have made your stay at someone’s house or a hotel pleasant.  I always spend a night in my own guest room – it’s a great way to see what’s missing!  Making your guests feel welcome tells them their visit is a treat both you and them alike.

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