Perfect Ideas for Perfect Parties

Love using my green and white plates for entertaining - some of these I got from my friend Lynn von Kersting, some on shopping trips, and even some from my JCP collection.

I love to entertain my friends and family.  I’ve blogged about entertaining outside, but with fall here and winter slowly approaching, I wanted to share some of my tips for hosting the perfect party – regardless of location.  Some of my favorite ideas that always work for me:

-Start by deciding the theme of the party.  Once you have a theme, choosing a menu will be easier.  Sometimes the easiest theme to choose is seasonal – have a party celebrating the coming of fall or the start of the winter holiday season.

– Arrange food on plates and stands of different heights.  This will make it easier for guests to serve themselves.  Consider having more than one table with food/drinks – this way your guests can move around and mingle!

-I love collecting plates and mixing them with my vintage or antique silverware and trays – to unify your look, use the same color napkins.

-Remember – it’s all about the comfort of your guests (and yourself, of course!) so plan ahead – think about who’s coming and how you can make the event as enjoyable as possible for them.

-Having trouble planning in advance? Keep the five senses in mind can help keep all the aspects of your event organized.

  • Sight: Have a beautiful place setting with seasonal flowers or greens
  • Scent: Candles come in a variety of odors to match the theme of any party
  • Sound: Always have a good mix of music at the ready! Play something simple and soothing in the background so your guests can talk and enjoy the music.
  • Touch: Keep everyone comfortable with soft chair cushions and napkins.
  • Taste: Have a variety of snacks and drinks so everyone’s palette will be satisfied.

– Always have a back-up plan.  Particularly if you’re outside – the rain could put a damper on your party unless you have some indoor activities pre-planned.

Don’t stress about hosting your next party or event! Keep it fun, simple and comfortable.  If your guests are having a good time, so will you.

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