Spring Flowers Offer Seasonal Touch to Home Décor

Although this has felt like one of the longest winters in recent memory, I know spring is just around the corner.  And with spring comes flowers – my favorite sign of the season. I’ve always loved freshly cut flowers.  When I was in my first apartment with my husband, Kevin, I’d gather up a few fresh posies, plop them in a vase, and say: “You know, flowers sure perk up the apartment.”  We’ve moved a few times since then, but the sentiment holds true, wherever we may be living.

Simple garden rhododendrons, which also start to bloom in March, make a great impact when placed in a toile container.

Sometimes, the first blooms of spring (snowdrops, narcissus and tulips) seem almost too precious to simply cut and bring inside.  But a judicious selection of garden offerings can be gathered and arranged to make a little appear to go a long way.  Here are some ideas to use your garden, or even your local flower shop, to create the feel of spring inside your home.

-Place flowers into an assortment of colored bottles or simple jelly jars on the dining room table.  Fill each bottle with a few tulips, a sampling of jonquils, sprigs of forsythia, some grape hyacinth or lily-of-the-valley.  Five of six bottles make for a plentiful arrangement.

-Prune a few spring branches and put them in a vase, forcing them into full bloom.

-When only the crocuses were in full bloom, I carefully dug a few out of the ground (bulbs and all) and placed them on saucers, supported by pebbles, on the table.  I replanted them a few days later and they still looked fresh.

-Small glass vases, like those sold by Ballard Design, are lovely for a tight bouquet of yard violets, miniature roses, flowering quince or lady’s mantle.  I also love small square glass vases, which are sold at Pottery Barn, for a tight mixture of spring tulips.

Make sure all the containers your flowers are placed in are sparkling, clean and free or germs to delay decaying bacteria.  Add fresh water daily.  (A few drops of chlorine bleach will help the water stay bacteria free!) So wherever you live, think about bringing the scent and signs of spring into your home with a floral bouquet.

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