The Versatile Armoire

I managed to incorporate 'taste' into our bedroom by converting one of our armories into a mini-breakfast bar. It has everything we need for a quick breakfast-in-bed - a small refrigerator, a microwave and, of course, coffee & tea to get us going!

It’s hard to believe that Armoires were designed to hold armor during the Middle Ages, since they’ve become an essential element for almost any design scheme! They come in a variety of shapes and finishes, and can fit in any budget.

Because an armoire is often one of the largest pieces of furniture you may own, it tends to be a focal point of the room it’s in. However, like a book or a bottle of wine, the outside appearance may have nothing to do with the contents! Here are some of my favorite armoire applications, which go far beyond storage for clothes, and may give you inspiration to change the way you use your armoire!

  • A tech station: A large TV can easily take over your family room. To keep the look you’ve created for your home, without sacrificing that great TV, house your TV, BluRay/DVD player, music system and multitude of remotes in an armoire. This way, it all remains out of sight until you need it for the big game or a movie night. It could also work in a home office for your laptop, printer and (if you still have one!) a fax machine.
  • An ‘anywhere’ pantry: A good friend of mine, a wonderful hostess with lots of style, is tight on space. Still, whenever I was invited for dinner, the table would be set with a beautiful collection of serving pieces.  One night I asked her where she kept those gorgeous pieces hidden in her tidy compact kitchen. She confessed that her pantry was actually the elaborately painted armoire in the living room. I peeked in and the inside was fitted to hold serving plates & trays, dinner & stemware – all safe, dust-free and out of view.
  • Home exercise center: One year at High Point furniture market I saw an armoire marked as the complete workout area. Doors opened to reveal a folded-up treadmill, there were shelves designed to hold free-weights, and, of course, there was a place t plug in a TV! In my yoga room, I have 2 matching armoires for my yoga mat, my many yoga DVDs and CDs, light weights and anything else I might need for my morning yoga.
  • A Breakfast Bar: In our bedroom, I converted an armoire to a small breakfast bar. Nothing too extensive – there’s a small fridge, a small microwave, and any ingredients we might need for a leisurely weekend breakfast (or brunch!). There’s also space there for a tea set, coffee mugs, plates, and silverware – so no trip to the kitchen is necessary.

The versatile, functional, stylish armoire allows for the creation and organizing of a personal space that can be enjoyed at will and then closed off and shuttered.  An armoire can help bring order to an extra space that needs organizing.  There’s even a hint of secrecy and mystery with an armoire that a simple closet doesn’t quite convey!

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